How to convert stress to success

Make stress your friend

How to convert stress to success

Make stress your friend


Stress is simply a message from our body that something needs to change.

What Is Stress?

Stress is a sign that you're facing a challenge. 

The stress signal prepares your body to rise to the occassion - or run. It knows that some kind of action is required.

Stress is like a good friend demonstrating tough love, and encouraging you to take action.

Stress Is Your Friend

Stress is like a good friend who wants what's best for us. 

 And just like a friend, stress doesn't like to be ignored or repressed.  Actually, if stress isn't acknowledged and addressed it can turn a bit psycho, compromising our mental and physical health. 

Oh, and suppressing the feeling with coping mechanisms and distractions such as food, alcohol, shopping, sex, drugs or medication won't fix it.

When stress turns nasty.

When Does Stress Turn Nasty?

Stress turns nasty when it's persistent due to our inability to

  1. change what we want to change.
  2. accept what we can't change.


A chameleon can adapt to their surroundings and situation - can you?

A Source Of Motivation

Lisa believes that our less than helpful interpretation of stress, combined with our lack of belief that we can navigate stress and change - is resulting in wasted human potential, and poor mental and physical health.

And in the workplace, it seriously impacts our ability to adapt and innovate. Lisa's Master's degree, experience running an Entrepreneur Development Programme, and the Adaptor Factor workshop have reinforced this.

Lisa McCarthy shares how to convert stress to success. Make stress your friend, and choose change.

Lisa's Story

Lisa has experienced her fair share of stress and turmoil. Some was outside of her control. Her son almost died from meningitis. She lost her home, her marriage, her father, her job, and was injured in a motorcycle accident. 

Lisa also created change in her life - successfully shedding 26kgs, and not drinking alcohol for 4 years. She moved 13 times in two years, downsized to just two boxes of possessions; and started a business. 

This journey has helped her develop the ability to navigate and drive change which has made her more confident, resourceful, resilient and happy. And she wants to use what she's learnt to help others.

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What Next?

Are you or your people feeling stressed out, worn out, overwhelmed, over-worked, helpless or hopeless - or feeling like life is out of control?

Remember - we are ALL responsible for our own happiness and wellbeing, but sometimes we need a little help. So, let's move "From Stress To Success" by stepping into our power to embrace, drive or accept change. 

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